Albania ♥

Albania ♥

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hello from Albania ♥♥

I feel like so much has happened this week and I don't really know where to start! Sister
 tI feel like so much happened this week and I don't really know where to start! Sister Bennett has hit her halfway mark as a trainee so congratulations to her for making it this far with a crazy trainer like me :) Were both still alive! 
I'm so blessed in a million ways and I feel like every week i start my emails off the same way, but its so true. Heavenly Father is so aware of all of us and I will testify of that the rest of my life.
Ill talk about a few of the many blessings we saw this week.
There was one day that we were riding home on a bus and the bus started to break down and there was this teenage girl that we were by that was making some funny comments that I was laughing at. We ended up talking and Sister Bennett asked her where she was going because she seemed like she was in a hurry. We ended up talking for a little while and when we told her we were missionaries and what we do she said "How can I be a missionary? I want to be one" haha well... what an awesome question! haha let me tell you:)  we talked a little bit about baptism and how you have to be a member and learn more about the church and we invited her to meet again and she was super excited! We got her number and she said she is really looking forward to meeting this week. It was such an awesome experience. I never thought I would say this but I'm grateful that our bus broke down and broke the ice haha
Another awesome experience was when sister Bennett and I were looking for a Less Actives house we had never been to. I honestly had no idea where we were so we stopped to ask for help from this lady on the road who showed us exactly where we needed to go. She asked us where we were from because apparently we have really strong accents haha and we told her America which led into the "why on earth are you in Albania?" question which led to "BECAUSE WERE MISSIONARIES" which led to "can we come visit someday and talk a little about our church?" Which ended in a "yes, here's my address and number" It was definitely a blessing from Heavenly Father that we were completely lost. Its so funny how little things that seem like burdens or annoyances can turn into some of the biggest blessings. 
I'm amazed by the members in the First ward. Sister Bennett had pointed out the other week that she loves that in every prayer that you hear from members they ALWAYS ask a blessing on the missionaries because if it weren't for the missionaries they wouldn't be in the church today. I thought that that was an awesome point and I am amazed by a lot of the members and their willingness to help us out. We had a member come up to us at church this week after a lesson on missionary work and said "I'm going to come with you at least two times a week to help with missionary work" another member called us one night and said she had been talking to a few of her neighbors and one of them wants to come to church and the other wants us to come over for a lesson! While another lady took us to go see a recent convert that we have been trying to meet with for awhile and we were able to have an awesome lesson. I'm amazed by their willingness to help us and i think like Sister Bennett said, its because they know how much its blessed their life and they want to share it with others.  We have definitely been stressing the need of members help in missionary work in many lessons and talks in church and I'm grateful that the Spirit was able to touch their hearts enough to get them to act. 
So one of the many things i love about Albania are the shirts they wear. (this may sound a little random, but i promise I'm tying it in somehow:)) Sister Bennett and I are constantly smiling and laughing to ourselves when we see their shirts with misspelled English words/ sentences on them.  99.9% of the time they don't make sense or the grammar is wrong and you can tell it was NOT made in America haha but today as we were walking I actually saw a shirt with a saying on it that i really loved. It said "It always seems impossible until its done" It really got me thinking (yes a shirt with a silly saying got me pondering about my life:)) BUT ITS SO TRUE. There has been so many times in my life and on my mission where a situation seemed impossible. I didn't know how in the world it could be done but when I look back at those situations, i realize that I made it through. That it WASN'T impossible. I was able to overcome what seemed impossible at the moment. I know it wasn't by myself. It was all with the help of Heavenly Father and I can testify that what seems impossible is.... without his help, but as we rely on Him and take his hand a let him show us the way, we can overcome anything. 
I'm so thankful for the many blessings in my life. I know that small things in life, that seem like they wouldn't be important to Almighty God, are important to Him because he knows how important they are to us. He watches us carefully. He knows our thoughts, our desires, our feelings. He knows what makes us happy and what makes us sad. I know he loves me because he shows me in some way or another everyday. I'm so grateful for his love and all of the amazing blessings he has given me because he loves me. 
It was another amazing week here in Albania and i hope you all have an amazing week also! "Do more than what you think you can" my wise Dad once told me;) 
"See this pyramid??...."

"We climbed it!...."

"Some P-day fun!"

"Shkoder missionaries came down for some pday fun ;)"

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