Albania ♥

Albania ♥

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Gëzuar Krishlindjet

Merry Christmas! 

I know its not Christmas for you yet, but Santa gets an early start on this side of the World:) 

This is my favorite day of the year and it has been for as long as I can remember. Christmas is the best!  Not only because everyone is happy, sharing and loving but the reason that everyone is happy, sharing and loving is more beautiful. 

I want to share my testimony with you that I know what Christ was born for ME and for YOU. I know that his teachings and his Gospel are true and they are the only way to TRUE happiness. I know that no matter how far we think we are from him or how imperfect we think we are, Christ atoned for our sins so that we could try again everyday to become better. Jesus is my brother and my Savior and I sometimes I feel unworthy of His love, but I know it's still there. I know that it never leaves and I never have to worry about anything, because in the end there is only one thing that matters. 
I know that he loves me and I love him with all of my heart for everything that he has done. I'm thankful for his courage to come down to the earth to sacrifice his life so that I can be happy.  I'm thankful that I get to be a missionary at this time to testify of these things. I'm thankful that because of him I have the chance to return to MY Heavenly Father again after this life and be with my family for eternity.

I hope that we can all remember the true meaning of Christmas and that we remember what it really means to love and that we follow Jesus Christ's perfect example of it . I am forever grateful that he came to this earth for me. 

Merry Christmas. I love you all<3 

"We got to go to the military base this week and have a lesson with a
couple members of our branch"


"They decorated the boulevard for "New Years" ;)"

"We had a Chrsitmas activity and decorated the church aka made snowflakes and did
a puzzle:) Our cute new friend got to come too!"

"We got to go to the military base on Christmas!  It was
a wonderful Christmas treat!"

"Stole Elder Hydricks Xhaxhi hat:)"

"They even let me fly!;)"

:Elder Mero being Elder Mero haha"

"Branch activity :) Merry Christmas!"

"My compy elevator selfie:)"


"Relief Society Activity.  Snicker doodles anyone?"

"The Hydricks found Elder Muncy a "Muncy Princess" haha
Merry Christmas!"

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