Albania ♥

Albania ♥

Monday, March 21, 2016

He lives!

 "I know that my Redeemer lives. What comfort this sweet sentence gives! He lives, he lives, who once was dead.  He lives my ever living Head.  He lives to bless me with his love.  He lives to plead for me above.  He lives my hungry soul to feed. He lives to bless in time of need.  
     He lives to grant me rich supply.  He lives to guide me with his eye.  He lives to comfort me when faint.  He lives to hear my soul's complaint.  He lives to silence all my fears. He lives to wipe away my tears.  He lives to calm my troubled heart.  He lives all blessings to impart.
     He lives, my kind, wise Heavenly friend.  He lives and loves me to the end.  He lives, and while he lives, I'll sing.  He lives my Prophet, Priest, and King.  He lives and grants me daily breath.  He lives, and I shall conquer death.  He lives my mansion to prepare.  He lives to bring me safely there.
    He lives!  All glory to his name!  He lives, my Savior, still the same.  Oh, sweet the joy this sentence gives: "I know that my Redeemer lives!"  He lives! All Glory to his name! He lives, my Savior, still the same.  Oh sweet the joy this sentence gives: "I know that my Redeemer lives!" 
    Somebody on the street asked me if I think that Jesus Christ lives.  I replied without hesitation that I KNOW that he does.  Like the lyrics to one of my favorite hymns (above) Says: "Oh, sweet the joy this sentence gives: "I know that my Redeemer lives!" I debated on sharing the whole song, but I just couldn't pick my favorite verse. haha  Because when I read or sing the words, I can feel the truth of every. single. word.  The Spirit testifies to me that my Savior really is my friend who not only died for all my sins, weaknesses, and sadness, but LIVES so that I can overcome them.
    One member, with tear filled eyes said to me "I am just so grateful that because of Him, I can have the chance to live with my family forever."  I believe that is what it is all about.  No endings, but lots and lots of new beginnings.  I like to say that I am the luckiest person in the world because I get to see so many of these new beginnings.  
    As you know, the majority of Kosovo is Muslim.   It's been quite interesting serving here as a representative of Jesus Christ in a place that doesn't seem to have a huge knowledge of the Savior.  There was one lady that we met with this week that I think was kind of confused as to why we were there because she was in a hurry on the street when we got her number and when we explained again that we were there to talk about Jesus Christ, she said she wasn't interested. She said what we are doing is great but "It's not for me. I know enough and I don't need this." I think Sister Henderson and I silently agreed along with the Spirit that we weren't going to give up that easily. We told her that it was especially for her and everyone else. Not just a certain age and  not just a certain gender but this blessing is for everyone everywhere.  Finally she said "okay, what separates your church from all the other Christian Churches then?" We referred back to the Restoration, the Book of Mormon and modern day prophets.  It peeked her interest and she just kept on asking question after question.  By the end of the lesson we had taught about temples, part of the plan of Salvation, sacrament, Prophets, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon. After we explained the Book of Mormon she said "Can I please have one?"  Our lesson had flipped a 180.  The woman turned from someone who had no desire to learn of her Savior to someone who had just felt the Spirit testify to her of the truth of our message and begged for a Book of Mormon. The Spirit had testified to her and she felt it.  
     Our greatest emphasis in all the lessons we teach has and should be centered on Jesus Christ. It doesn't matter who believes in him or accepts him.  The emphasis shouldn't change.  Our message is that he lives. #Hallelujah 

"It matters very little what people think of us, but it matters very much what we think of Him.  It matters very little, too, who others say we are, what matters is who we say Jesus is."  - Elder Maxwell.

^^^PS. watch this new Easter video the church just put out. Its in English but has Shqip subtitles if you want to try and learn Albanian;)
 PSS. I love you all. Thank you for your support and love and everything. I'm so grateful for you.

"Prishtina FUTBOL activity!  The Dream Team.;)"

"Back seat with my girl Elea.  She is the sweetest thing ever!"

"Sister Fuller came to Prishtina for her last exchange...She finishes her mission
here in about 10 days...going to miss this crazy Sister♥"

"Leaving my mark here in Prishtina ♥♥"

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