Albania ♥

Albania ♥

Monday, July 6, 2015

SHQIPERIIAAAA. - Week one of training :O

Crazy things happening here in Tirana!:) 
     At the beginning of this week before I got my trainee I was in another trio (because my companion went to Kosovo and they wouldn't let me be a solo sister haha ) with Sister White again and Sister Fuller who are now my Sister Training leaders and they are in the Tirana 4th ward! SO I got to go to my " birthplace" (they call it that wherever your first area is) 
One of the only reasons I was sad to go to Tirana First ward so abruptly was because I didn't get to say goodbye to anyone that I met that whole first 6 months of my mission. When I heard that I got to go to Fourth ward for a couple of days I was SO EXCITED. I knew that we probably wouldn't have enough time to go and see all of my people so I said a small prayer in my heart that I would be able to see at least some people that I know and love and Heavenly Father answered my prayer. I was able to see about 10 people in the 1 1/2 days I was there and they were all basically unplanned. I saw investigator after investigator walking on the streets, a recent convert that never comes to activities came to an activity, and the family I love invited us over, and another lady who I became pretty close to I ran into randomly on the streets. In the whole time I was in that area serving, I NEVER saw so many people that I knew in one day. On occasion i would run into about 1 person I knew but seeing 10 people was NOT a coincidence and I know it had everything to do with Heavenly Father. 
     The next day we went to the office where we had a meeting with the trainers so President Weidmann could pump us up before the real business started. We had a really awesome testimony meeting. I had so many emotions at the time along with the Spirit touching my heart that I may have cried. President Weidmann looked to me with a worried look and I had to assure him that I wasn't THAT scared, just feeling the spirit and I don't think he believed me haha.
      Then the trainees came in and we had a really awesome meeting  talking about the first jump into missionary work. The trainees all seemed ready to go to work and excited/a teeny bit nervous but ready. Then President announced who was with who. As soon as we found out who we were with, President Weidmann asked us to bear our testimonies as a companionship. Trainer first and then Trainee. As I bore my testimony, I could literally feel my nerves going away and I felt the assurance that everything was going to be okay and then as she bore hers, I knew we were going to be alright. 
     My companions name is Sister Bennett and SHE IS AWESOME. These past couple of days have been so funny watching her grow, hearing her testimony in Albanian, and seeing her desire to help our investigators grow. She is always thinking about them and their needs and she really puts her energy into helping them. There have also been a couple moments where I have REALLY seen the Gift of Tongues work in her where the words would just flow out of her mouth and the people would understand. No matter how scary it was for her.   It was really a testimony builder for me. 
     Heavenly Father has also given me a lot of strength. These past couple of days have been super crazy for me. One of my biggest fears was not being able to find my way around in this new area and I have yet to have gotten lost. haha There have been a lot of times where I was not sure where I was going and the Spirit literally led me directly there. I have had to put a lot of trust in my Heavenly Father because I know that there is no way that I could do all of this by myself.  
    In putting my trust in Him he has blessed me tremendously, with the Gift of Tongues, with direction, and with strength. We saw a lot of blessings this week. A family that we are teaching managed to come to church when they usually have a million excuses. They are progressing slowly but surely but every time we go over to their house they seem to have changed a little bit in small ways. Maybe they don't want to be baptized right now, but their prayers which used to be selfish "give me this and give me that" have now turned into thanks for the blessings that they already have. I was so surprised at the spirit that the Father of the Family brought into the room in his prayer where he literally didn't even ask for a thing. Just straight thanks for the things he has and it was so awesome to see their slow, but sure progression to come unto Christ. 
    To be honest I don't really know what its like to be IN my comfort zone anymore. Every day is full of crazy adventures and amazing experiences and every time I think I cant do anymore, Heavenly Father comes to the rescue to save me and give me the strength to do hard things. And in my hard times I can feel myself coming closer to my Heavenly Father. This truly is the best time of my life. Not because its fun or in a crazy foreign land, but because I really am closer to my Heavenly Father than I ever have been before. 
     I love you all and I'm thankful for your support and love. 
until next week- Your Motra 
"My cute new trainee Sister Bennett ♥ IM A 'MOM'"

"My head exploding from studying Albanian :)"

"I got to see my cute Lakaj family when I was in Tirana 4th ward again! :D
(and you thought I was short haha) I ♥ them so much"

"Life with Sister Fuller ♥ she makes me happy :)"

"I got my cute Utah shirt in the mail this week... the only thing missing in the picture
is "U" hahaha get it?? No?  okay sorry...I'm turning into an awkward missionary."

"Trio with Motra White and Motra Fuller.  Life is too much fun with these two ♥"

" I have a cute pic of mom and dad in my planner so whenever I'm having a hard time
I can't help but laugh when I look at it :)  Makes my days a little brighter"

"Starting to make a love wall again like I did in the MTC.  What do you think?"

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