Albania ♥

Albania ♥

Monday, November 9, 2015

Kjo është lumturi ♥♥♥

A lot of times as missionaries we don't get to see the aftermath of our efforts, we just have to trust that if we do our part and work hard, the Lord will bless us and the people around us. When I was serving in Tirana my second transfer, I stopped this girl on the road and talked to her, got her number and she agreed to meet but every time my companion and I set up a time, she would cancel because she was super busy with school and other things. Sister White and I kept calling and trying though because we had felt that she really was ready. Eventually we both got transferred from the area and some time passed. Sister White was later transferred back into the area and decided to give her a call again.  This time I guess she really was ready and I just received an email and a picture of her dressed in white! SHE GOT BAPTIZED! I know that sometimes the little things we do don't seem to have an effect on others but the little things will eventually add up someday to something big. 
     Heavenly Father blessed us tremendously this week in every way. Our new investigator B, accepted a baptismal date and was able to make it to church this week. We told her we are going to have to meet more regularly if she wants to be ready for her baptism and she said "The more the better". 
    Another one of our investigators invited us over for a lesson, but we ended up going over to her sisters house and teaching her a little bit more about the Gospel. I guess I should expect and be used to this happening, but I still am amazed at how perfectly involved with everyone's life Heavenly Father is. How he places people in our paths at the exact moment they need to be there and he blesses us with the words we need to say at the exact moment we need them.  I don't and I never will have the words to express my thanks for him and his love for me and for the people I love and teach. 
     This week we also had a surprise transfer.  (Well, we had what we call "mini transfers" which are as long as the normal transfers in America) So we knew there would be a couple people moving, we just didn't expect or realize that it would involve me and Sister Fuller but it did :) We received a call Saturday night telling us that Sister Fuller is moving back to Albania and serving in a city called Shkoder. I am super happy for her because Shkoder is awesome, but I'm going to miss her a lot. Its been great working with her, but you know, Heavenly Father has a different plan and I will be serving with another one of the Sisters that was in my MTC group. Sister Olsen:)  Yes I will have served with all 5 of them now:) haha Who would have thought:) 
     As you can probably tell from my emails, I am happy and not just the happy that people tell you so that you don't worry, but I REALLY TRULY am the happiest I have EVER been my whole entire life. I didn't used to think it was possible. People used to tell me about this kind of happiness and I didn't understand how they could possibly be that happy away from all the things and people they love. BUT I guess the longer I'm here the more I understand what true happiness really is.  I love you all and I hope that you are just as happy. I pray for you often and love hearing from you. 
Until next week<3 

"For service this week we got to go to this members farm and dig potatoes with him.  It was
actually super fun. (I might take it up as a hobby ;) haha) "

" was beautiful up there in the country.  PLUS: I found a heart potato ;) Yes the Elders
were making fun of me... I guess it's 'such a Sister thing' haha"

President Weidmann and his wife came to our "Sunday dinner... WINNING :)"

"In the CITY.  I ♥ Prishtina"

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