Albania ♥

Albania ♥

Monday, November 2, 2015

Because I have been given much..

I hope you all had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN:) Its crazy that last Halloween I was just a little Greenie fresh in the MTC. Time flies when you're having fun:) 
This week Sister Fuller and I made a lot of goals to improve the work here and we definitely saw the blessings promised.
We found two new investigators this week, with the help of the Elders in our District. We went "group tracting" where we are guided by the Spirit to a building/ apartment. One companionship starts on the top floor and the other on the second and if we tract into a boy/man then we have the Elders teach, and vice versa with the Elders. Anyways, the Elders met this amazing Nënë and she told them to have us come over an hour later and when we showed up we were amazed with how prepared she was. She accepted everything and showed a lot of faith in our lesson. Her husband was there also and loved every word. They didn't accept an official baptismal date, but they did say that they would get baptized when they feel that it is right so we have a lot of Faith in them.  We are super excited to continue teaching them.:)
Also, for the first time my whole mission, I actually was able to teach someone who knew NOTHING about Jesus Christ. We teach a lot of people that maybe don't have faith in him, but this was the first time I taught someone who knew nothing about his sacrifice, his teachings, or who he even is.  It was actually a really cool experience to be able to teach someone for the first time about their Savior.  Whether she meets with us again, I don't know, but  I just feel very lucky that I was able to teach her and that Heavenly Father trusted Sister Fuller and I enough to bring this lady closer to Jesus Christ. 
We were also able to see how strong our little branch here in Kosovo is getting. There was a girl that came to church this Sunday with one of the Elders Investigators and she came into Relief Society and loved it. The members stepped up and gave her a Book or Mormon and got her number and friend shipped her right away.  We are actually going to be meeting with her tonight so we are super excited about that. I could see how happy it was having the members  be able to help us and do their part as member missionaries. It was GREAT! 
We had Mission Conference this week In Tirana and we were lucky to have President Johnson and his wife come and speak to us  about recognizing the Spirit and how we can be better at letting the Lord guide our work here.  I went with a prayer in my heart and I received a lot of answers to my personal questions. I know that the Lord is guiding his work and his missionaries here in Europe and all around the world. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers and wants us all to become the Sons and Daughters he knows we can become. 
I'm grateful for his grace and his mercy. I'm thankful for his love I get to feel everyday. 
I love you all and I'm grateful for all you do for me. 
Until next week
me dashuri-  motra çeshër


"LHS Alumni over here in a random country called Kosovo ;)"

"This is the closest we came to dressing up for Halloween ...hahahaha
We did the best we could ;) Bless our hearts haha"

"Sister Fuller is...Mulan?"

"I'm Jasmine?"

"Mission conference!  Momma Bezas and Motra Fuller ;)"

" My 'Mom' and my 'Daughters'! Fun daughters are serving
together in Tirana! I am so proud ♥"

I love the photo bombing Elders in these pictures! hahaha

"I loves these sisters ♥♥"

"Get your 'fresh meat' Mmmm"

"This is our whole mission at Mission conference this week :)"

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