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Albania ♥

Monday, January 11, 2016

Sweet is the peace the Gospel brings.

This week at our Zone Training, President Weidmann gave us the challenge as a whole mission to read the Book of Mormon together cover to cover in a month. It hasn't been a week yet and I have already started to see the blessings of reading many chapters a day. I have felt my testimony growing stronger and stronger and the power of the Spirit I have with me is even greater than before.   It has helped me to realize the importance of helping my investigators to read every single day. 
     Before I came on my mission, the amount of times I had read the Book of Mormon was less than two (if your're any good at math you've figured out that number is one) yet, it was enough to know that it was true and enough to get me here on my mission. I have realized that the more I read the Book of Mormon, the happier I am. I have literally seen the Book of Mormon change peoples lives like it has changed mine. I have now read the Book of Mormon multiple times and it gives me the strength I need to do all that He needs me to do.
     My companion and I were put to the test this week. On Sunday a woman came to church. She has come before, but has been gone for a long time. I had heard a lot about her and knew who she was.  When she showed up I was so happy inside thinking that she had come to church and changed her mind about all the things she had said about the Church.  I was happy to be right by her side. Throughout sacrament she didn't say much and even in Sunday school the comments she had made were great. Then it was time for Relief Society and the Relief Society President began her lesson and quoted from the Book of Mormon. The lady began to degrade the Book of Mormon saying that it wasn't true. She said that Joseph Smith wasn't a prophet and basically everything that had to do with him was a lie. You could feel the tension in the room and the Spirit left immediately. I felt a pit in my stomach and the Relief Society President almost ended the lesson because she couldn't teach with a Spirit like that, but then something amazing happened. We began testifying. Sister Lakaj bore a beautiful testimony of the Holy Ghost and power of the scriptures and immediately the lady went quiet and was speechless. The Power of the Spirit was so strong that I wanted to break down in tears. The lesson went on and the Relief Society President continued teaching  and testifying about repentance and the Book of Mormon and the Power got stronger and stronger. I was asked to say the closing prayer and as I said the prayer I thanked my Heavenly Father for the Book of Mormon and I testified of its truthfulness. I was filled with the spirit and the words I needed to say came flowing out. I knew I had a testimony of the Book of Mormon and there was nobody that would tell me that it wasn't true. I literally felt the Power of God and Satan fighting against each other in the lesson and I am so glad that I was on the right side. I can't really describe the way I felt after the lesson, but I can say that I know without a doubt that I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God and that I KNOW without a doubt that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that he translated the Golden Plates with help from the Spirit of God.   It's true and I'll never be able to doubt it. I know that Satan is doing his best to change the hearts of men and that Satan knows the power inside of the Book of Mormon and that's why he tries so hard to bring it down and make us think that its not as important as it really is.  After the lesson a member looked at us and said "Wow, look at the light in their eyes" I know that it was because we were filled with the Spirit of God.
       When I think of the person I want to be, I realize that I still have a LONG way to go, but when I think of where my testimony was before my mission and what it has become because of the experiences I have had on my mission and because of the Book of Mormon I am filled with gratitude for my Heavenly Father. It was said in zone training this week that "Were not called because of the things we have done, but because of the things that Heavenly Father wants to do, through us" and he can only use us if we let him. We let him by reading the Book of Mormon and letting it guide our lives. 

"We forgot to take pics this week, but don't worry, we took a quick photo shoot
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"This picture describes my life.  Broken elevator.  Fifth floor.
Five billion groceries.  #harderthaninsanity"

"Got it a little after Christmas, but still meant the world to me.

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