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Albania ♥

Monday, March 16, 2015

First of all, I want to say that God sees our struggles. He knows what we are going through. He sees the sacrifices we make. We may not feel like we are adequate, we may not feel like anyone knows what we are going through, but God does. Second, I want to say that God WILL bless
those who make sacrifices for His sake.

Now, about this week. We received a phone call from the zone Leaders on Tuesday morning and they told us that they were talking to President Weidmann and  discussing how we could help the work go
forward more powerfully in our zone and President Weidmann said that we were going to have to make a sacrifice as a zone to show God our willingness to do His work. He told the zone Leaders to pray about what sacrifices we could make and they felt strongly that we should wake up earlier than usual and cut some of our lunch time out. They told us that the rest of the month we are going to be waking up 30 minutes earlier and our lunch will be 30 minutes shorter. I know you are all probably thinking "only 30 minutes earlier? That's nothing" but it is something haha especially as missionaries... Sleep is vital and those of you who knew me well before my mission know that I love my sleep, but when your mission President tells you to do something, you do it.   No complaining,
no questions. After the phone call, Sister Bezas and I looked at each other and she says to me
"your two favorite things!"haha  But we didn't hesitate to cut the hour of resting out of our day.

We began that day and we have done it this whole week and BOY have we seen blessings! I'll share a couple of them with you because that's what missionaries do right?:)  We had an exchange that next day and I was with Sister Favero again.  We were in my area so I chose who we
visited, what we did, and where to go.  Of course, she helped me along the way because she's awesome and knows I'm still just a baby trainee (for one more week!)  That night we had a lesson with our progressing investigator Fabiola who is still on her baptismal date for the 28th of March! (YAY!) We talked a little bit more about prayer and obedience and the blessing they both bring into our lives. Sister Favero asked her a very specific question "So when the missionaries leave, are you still going to be obedient?" Fabiola looked taken back and I was a little nervous of what her answer might be but she went on to say that shes not doing this for us. Shes doing this for herself and for God. I wanted to cry because I was so happy. I think that's one of the best things a missionary could hear. I don't want to just help people become better while I'm here. I want them to stay obedient and
apply the things we teach into their lives. This work isn't just for a life time, its for eternity.  The spirit was so strong in our lesson and I am amazed everyday by the love God has for His children.

The next day we had a lesson with a potential investigator Melika. When we got to her house we taught her and her husband the Restoration and since this week is one of my last weeks as a trainee, I had to take charge in the lessons we had. Melika and her husband were super receptive to the message and at the end, we invited them to be baptized and they both accepted! They still have a lot to be taught but it was a miracle if you ask me.

We received so many other blessing this week and the strength that Heavenly Father has been giving us cant be explained. I know that because we sacrificed that small amount of time and because Sister
Bezas and I have been working extra hard this week Heavenly Father has blessed us so much. Like I said, God sees our sacrifices, God sees how hard we try, God sees our struggles and He wants to help us if we let Him. My testimony grows everyday as I see Gods mercy and love in my life. I reflect back on my life everyday and how blessed I have been. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for my Savior and brother Jesus Christ. I owe it all to Him and I owe it all to my merciful Father in Heaven. I have no doubt in my mind that he loves each and everyone ofus. "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven" Me dashuri - your Motra
"I made lunch yesterday...we had to get creative and use what we had and the fact that I don't
know how to cook made it even more interesting! hahaha  Pasta, corn and pesto anyone??  It
was actually really good.  Maybe I will be a chef when I get home ;)"



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