Albania ♥

Albania ♥

Monday, March 9, 2015

SO this week was CRAZY busy! We had a Zone Conference, a Stake Conference, and I went on another exchange this week:) I'll Talk a little about all three of them.
So first of all was the Zone Conference. IT WAS AWESOME! President Weidmann showed up and surprised us all. Whenever you're around him you tend to have a mixture of emotions. You feel excited because you knowyou are about to be spiritually uplifted with his wisdom and council, and then you start to get super nervous and feel like a little child while talking to him!  He's so wise and awesome. haha. We made new goals as a zone and set new goals of how we can accomplish them and the best part was when President Weidmann bore his testimony at the end. He said he was prompted to say all the things he said and I felt like he was talking directly at me.  The spirit was SUPER strong.  After that we went on an exchange and I went to the Tirana 2nd ward with Sister Favero's new companion, Sister Braha who is an Albanian.  Sister Braha has been a member of the church for almost 7 years and she taught me SO MUCH. She has such a strong testimony and she knows her stuff! These Albanian members strengthen my testimony and touch my heart because they are all converts so they know what it's like to not grow up with the Gospel in their homes and in their lives.   They can really touch the hearts of the investigators. IT IS AMAZING TO SEE. I don't know how to describe it, but it was an awesome exchange. I believe that you can learn something from everyone you serve with.  Everyone has something to offer and something they can teach you. God places certain people in our lives for a reason that is for sure.
Yesterday we had STAKE CONFERENCE!! I was so excited because I didn't really know what to expect. The stake center is in Elbasan, which is an hour away so I got to ride on a bus with all of our ward.  When we got to the building it was breathtaking. It is seriously such a beautiful building and to see all of the people going inside just strengthened my testimony of this true church. I was singing in the choir so I got to sit on the stands.  Looking out into the crowd and seeing all of the members of Tirana and their beautiful smiling faces with the Light of Christ in their eyes. I cant put into words how it felt. There was many talks given and I did my best to try to understand everything being said and I think I got the jist of it but the most beautiful part of stake conference was when there were no words being said at all.  After The choir sang "Israel, Israel God is calling" The stake President got up to give a few remarks but no words came out. He stared out into the crowd and started crying which is not very common here in Albania.  Nothing needed to be said for you to feel the Spirit there. He thanked us in the choir for singing when he finally was able to speak. By this time basically everyone was crying. Then he gave an AWESOME talk about missionary work. The whole thing was very overwhelming and spiritual and it was probably my most memorable Stake Conference. Not just because I was in a different country, but because of the Spirit I felt. It cant be described. I'm so thankful for this week and all that I learned from  it. My testimony was strengthened even more. I love being a missionary, and I love the people of Albania. I hope you
all had an awesome week. God loves you. I love you:)  Me shume dashuri
- Your Motra

The bus ride to stake conference in Elbasan

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