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Albania ♥

Monday, March 23, 2015

I am officially not a trainee as of today!  I have graduated from the trainee program and can no longer pull the "greenie card".  Transfers are next week and I hear that there are 7 new sisters coming in so there is a 100% chance that I will either be training or a Sister Training Leader. I'm not going to pretend that I am fearless because then I would be lying, but I can tell you that I will be doing what I need to be doing, In the place I need to be with the companion I am supposed to be with. I know that for a fact. I will keep you posted on
the situation next week:) It should be pretty exciting!

About this week, It has been VERY busy and VERY awesome. We had a women's conference this week where all of the sisters from our whole mission came together for a training and meeting.  I was spiritually uplifted to say the least. We talked a lot about spiritual gifts and how we all have them but sometimes we as human beings, overlook our gifts and focus on the gifts we don't have/ gifts other people have.  We did this activity where they put us in groups and we all had to list a gift that each person in our group had. THE CATCH: we had to say a gift that we have also. None of us wanted to do that part.  It is
hard to list off gifts that you have personally, because like they said, It is easier to focus on the gifts that other people have. We
didn't have a choice though haha. Everyone hesitated when they got to themselves but it ended up being a really awesome experience and I
encourage everyone to do it as friends or families for family home
evening. The wonderful part about it is that you can feel the spirit testifying to you that those gifts that people say you have... are true.  I promise you will feel the spirit. After that activity we had the
pleasure of hearing from sister Weidmann and she talked more about our worth and how much we mean to our Heavenly Father.  Everyone has had an experience where they worked really hard for something and it seemed to go unnoticed. She talked about how our efforts are not in vain, because the world and the people of the world are never going to
fully see your works and efforts and sometimes it feels like we are invisible, but God sees.  He sees the whole picture. The blood,  the sweat, and the tears. He sees it and he cares.  We then proceeded to watch part of a talk by President Uchtdorf called "You Matter to him"
I encourage everyone to watch/listen to it.  Its super powerful and I guarantee it will make you feel better about yourself and your works. Sisters Conference was amazing and I cant really put to words the power of the spirit that I felt. As always, its hard to describe.
We had the conference the day after we found out our progressing investigator who was supposed to have a baptism this Saturday can no longer get baptized right now so it came at just the right time, when I needed it most and I know that wasn't a coincidence.
This week was amazing over all and filled with the spirit.  Heavenly Father has definitely been looking out for Sister Bezas and I.   I feel his love SO OFTEN. The fact that I get to be here serving is a sign of His love. The fact that I have gotten to serve with Sister Bezas is another sign of His love for me. She is such a huge blessing in my life and I know and feel so strongly that she was meant to be my companion and trainer. This week has been a little testing for us but I am so glad that I have her by my side.

Im thankful for all my many blessings I have in my life and the Angels I have by my side. Me
dashuri- until next week:) TE DUA - your Motra

Trainees at the Sisters Conference"

"Our cute Fabiola...I love these two more than life"

"A flower I picked for Sister Bezas because she cant play futboll"

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