Albania ♥

Albania ♥

Monday, June 15, 2015

I honestly don't know where to start with this week haha... So much happened so I will do my best to describe all that I learned and my feelings and whatnot:) ...
     First of all training a missionary was one of the greatest/hardest things I've ever done. Motra Qosja was a blessing to me and I learned so much while serving with her. Unfortunately, some things happened with her family and she decided to go home. So now I am in a trio with Sister White and Sister Peters (triple senioring I guess you could call it;)  serving in Tirana still, but in another ward. The situation was sudden and unexpected so I didn't have any time to say goodbye to my ward and the people there, but I know that everything happens for a reason and I'm sure I will have another chance to say goodbye to my 2nd family. They will have a piece of my heart forever no matter what. 
     Luckily this week we had the privilege of having interviews with our mission president (before Sister Qosja went home). He said something that really changed my perspective.  He told me that before they had decided to separate me and put me with a mini missionary they prayed long and hard about who Sister Qosja would go with and they actually had decided to have me with Sister Peters at first and Sister White with Sister Qosja.  After He had made the decision, he decided to pray about it to confirm it with Heavenly Father and as he was praying he had a very strong feeling that I was supposed to be with Sister Qosja in Tirana 4th ward still.  I dont know why.  My time was short with her, only a few weeks, but those few weeks mattered in Gods eyes and we were meant to serve together. When he told me that, things were easier knowing that it was all for a reason.  Maybe I dont know the reason right now, and maybe I never will in this life, but I know there was a reason. 
      Same with this situation... This week, Sister Qosja and I were walking to a park to go street contacting and I had a really strong feeling that we needed to go down this one  road we had  passed. We had already planned to go contacting somewhere else though so I kind of ignored the feeling but the further away we got, the stronger the impression, finally I told Motra Qosja that we had to go back... We started walking down the street and I didnt feel a certain way about it.  I was completely clueless as to why we were there so we left... As we walked away, a picture of an apartment popped into my head, so once again I told Sister Qosja that we had to go back and when we did, sure enough, there was the apartment. We went in and up to the top floor to begin tracting.. It was getting close to the time we had to be inside, but I was determined someone was going to answer the door and I would have an amazing experience and meet a family who would want to be baptized!  But that didnt happen... as a matter of fact, not one of the doors we knocked on opened... We got in the elevator to leave. We pressed floor zero and to our surprise the elevator stopped at the 3rd floor and a lady came  in and as soon as she walked in I knew that she was why we were there. I began talking to her and I guess she had met with the missionaries before but she got super busy with work and didnt have time to meet with them anymore. I asked if we could get her number and she said no unfortunately... I dont know why I had to talk to her.. I dont know her situation or anything about her, but I felt very strongly that that was what we needed to do. 
     Blessings on blessings... In english course this last week we talked about the Book of Mormon and we asked the class if any of them would be interested in reading this special book and to our surprise, a 13 year old girl raised her hand and said she wanted to. We met with her the next day and now she is on a baptismal date... Then we also received a referral from BYU for a girl who lived in our area so we called her that night and we met the next day. The funny thing is is that she didnt know what she was signing up for. She said "I was just online and something popped up and told me to put in my information so I did it and here I am" Even though she may not have known what she was signing up for she wants to meet again and keep learning. God knew what she was doing and I know he has a plan for all of us. 
     Although this week was crazy and really hard at times, I learned a lot and feel like I have grown because of the things I have experienced. I see more and more everyday the hand of the Lord in my life. I came across this scripture this week that was a huge strength to me. Isaiah 41:13 - "For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee" All though I get scared sometimes and I admit, I have felt alone, I know that I am not and I never will be left alone. No matter how many times I am rejected on the streets or told "Go home, Jesus Christ doesnt exist" "There is no God" I find peace knowing that I am not alone. When people say those things I can smile with confidence knowing that He infact DOES exist and He is by my side always. 
     I love my mission and I wouldnt trade it for anything in the world. Thank you for your prayers and your support. They help me so much. I love you and I know that God lives and loves you too. Until next week, me shume dashuri- Your Motra 
"Elder Greener modeling a members sun hat...We have too much fun in our District:) haha"

"Motra Qosja saw a picture of pancakes and said "What are those?! You have to make me some!"
So I did...picture of my childs first pancake♥ precious."

"Sweet little girl from my English class that brings me flowers/weeds everyday.
(she can't tell the difference) I lucked out and got some flowers this week:)"

"Having lunch with our awesome investigator so of course
we took some selfies, also I fell in love with her dog..."

"We got to go to Vlore this Sunday to sing in the choir and GUESS WHO I GOT TO SEE?!!
I was just a little happy ;) Missed my Bezas so much"

"My new apartment:)"

 "All these sisters are amazing and Elder Smith is lucky he
gets to serve around all of them;) poor guy..."

" her so much:)" 

"In another trio for a day with my girls Sister Fuller and Sister Henderson.
Love them with all my heart ♥ They took good care of me:)"

"These two make my life...I'm going to miss them
Sister Zollinger and Elder Acheson:)"

"Beautiful Vlore...Bezas is a lucky duck;)"


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