Albania ♥

Albania ♥

Monday, June 1, 2015

     So yesterday we received some surprising news from our mission president. He came to our ward  Sunday, and after church Sister White and I went over to say hello to him (of course) and he was being weird as in the fact that we knew that something was going on.  The first thing he says to us is "we're splitting you up" he said it SO nonchalantly and Sister White and I didn't quite catch on and we both said "WHAT?" he chuckled a little and said "Sister White you are going to First Ward to serve with Sister Peters (her MTC comp) and Sister Cheshire you are staying in Fourth ward and getting an Albanian Mini Missionary" So ya, thats my new adventure this month:) Im sad that Sister White is going to be leaving me, but im excited to meet this knew Mini Missionary and I'm excited to be staying in Tirana 4th ward for the rest of this transfer. Ive been here for 5 months now and I guess its just not my time to leave yet, which I am totally okay with because I love the people and everything about it here.
      Some success this week: This week Sister White and I decided to go visit this family that me and Sister Bezas had "put on the shelf" (we dont like to say dropped) anyways, we decided to go pay them a visit. When Sister Bezas and I had told them we werent going to be able to meet with them again they hadnt been progressing at all, they didnt read, they didnt come to church, and they didnt even participate in the lessons.   This week when we went to go see them they were different. They volunteered to pray, everyone in the family participated, answered questions and they said that they would start reading again. Sister White and I were super excited and the change in them was crazy! I believe they just needed a little time to recognize how much better they felt when we were visiting them and they were feeling the spirit. This family is amazing and really needs the blessings of the Gospel so if you could please pray for the Vatnikaj family that would be so awesome because they really need it.
      Also we saw another blessing in church this Sunday. There is a girl named Silvana that we have been trying so hard to meet with.  The Elders said that in English class she came up to them and asked for a Book of Mormon but she has just been super busy with school and work but we just keep inviting her to things.  So we texted her Saturday night and invited her to church on Sunday and she never texted back, but to our surprise she walked right in on Sunday and sat by us. It was a real blessing especially because all of our other investigators couldnt make it. I believe it was a blessing from God showing us that he has seen our efforts. 
      Then for the last surprise, there was another investigator that hasnt been able to meet with us lately for basically the same reasons and on Sunday we were in choir practice and the Elder told me to look back and there she was. She had got done with school and wanted to come see us she said:) Poor girl had to listen to Albanians and Americans try to sing together, but we were so happy that she was able to come. 
       Well that is basically my week in a nutshell. There are just a couple quotes that I would like to share with you because quotes are my favorite things ever! They are by Sheri Dew (who is one of my favorite speakers ever) I was reading a talk that she had given at BYU and she had said "There is only one thing that the Power of God and the Power of Satan have in common: Neither can influence us unless we allow them too" I know this to be true and I've seen it most while being out here on my mission. As I learn to rely on the Lord more fully and often I have seen His strength and power in my life as I do His work. I also know that Satan only has the power that we give to Him so we have to try our best to not give him that strength and power over us. "Though we must each walk through life on our own, we dont have to do it ALONE." I testify to you all that He is here as long as we have faith and humble ourselves to ask Him for His help. One of my favorite stories in the Bible is when Christ is walking on water and he calls to His diciples and Peter asks if he can come out on the water with Him.   Having faith that he can do anything with the help of the Lord,  he goes out on the water full of energy and faith.  But the second he gets distracted, into the water he goes. It only takes a second and down we go. The next part of the story is my favorite though when Peter calls for Chirsts help and Christ came the very SECOND Peter asked for help.  He reached out His hand and He saved him. I know that this is true and I can testify to you all that the second we ask Heavenly Father for His help, He is there. He will save you, because he has saved/ is saving me. I love you all and I hope you had a fantastic week. I pray for you and hope you are happy. When you feel like there is nobody else to rely on, rely on Him and he will be there. I promise. Me dashuri- Your Motra

"We went to Kruje today and Sister Fuller got this awesome Albanian hat!"


"Living it up here in Albania.  In love with this view. #neverleaving""

"this awesome Xhami that we got to go in :)" Xhami = Mosque

I spy... Elder Keck!  He is now in her area YAY Layton


"Still in Heaven..."

"View from the prayer room"

"There is light at the end of the tunnel....literally"

"Sister White and I taking some selfies before she leaves me."

"My cute planner that I decorated :)"

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