Albania ♥

Albania ♥

Monday, June 8, 2015

 So just to be clear on one thing. When I said I had a "Mini Missionary" as a companion I did not mean someone short haha She is taller than me. (I know that's not saying much haha) but still. My companion's name is Motra Qosja and she is AWESOME. She was baptized only 5 months ago and she has a SOLID testimony of the Gospel. She also is Albanian (from a place called Elbasan) so she can connect and communicate with the people so well.  ITS AWESOME, and this week has been so fun getting to watch her grow as a person and as a missionary. Training her has been a real pleasure for me. Oh kenaqem shume.
     Being a trainer has a lot more to it than I fully realized though and its a lot harder than I had imagined it, but the strength that Heavenly Father has given me cant go unrecognized. Ive done things this week that I honestly didn't think I had the strength to do. Just proves the fact that Heavenly Father knows our full potential. When we see things as impossible, he sees them as possibilities. When we see them as challenges, he sees them as growing experiences. 
     I learned a lot about prayer this week. We had a zone training where our Sister Training leader (Sister Kelly) talked about prayer in a way that I had never thought about it before. Prayer isn't just asking God for things we want and hoping they will happen but knowing that we might not receive it because it's all in Gods will anyways. Its about aligning our will with Gods. When the things that we ask for are in line with the will of God, our prayers will be answered and the things we ask for WILL happen. By starting our prayers off with asking for the Spirit to be with us and then listening to the Spirit, we will know what to ask for and what God will give us. 
Ive actually tested this out this week. I have felt the spirit more in my prayers because its not just me asking for selfish things I want to happen or answers I want to receive.  My prayers have been more in line with Gods will and what He can give me and what is right for me. This has helped me a lot this week as Ive realized what prayer really means and how strong that they can be. 
     Sister Qosja and I met this amazing girl this week. She is 17 years old. We met her on the street while street contacting and she was so excited to meet again. She is kind of struggling at the time with the wrong group of friends and she wants to be better and change her life around.  I know that this is EXACTLY what she needs. First of all because its what we all need, and second of all because it is what saved me. She has started reading the Book of Mormon and I have seen a happiness in her eyes each time we meet with her. Its amazing to see the Atonement work in the lives of these people that I teach, meet and also to see it work in my own life. When times are hard, its so relieving to know that someone knows how I feel.. how we all feel. 
     "Don't you give up. Don't you quit. You keep working. You keep trying.  There is help and happiness ahead... You keep your chin up. It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come."- Jeffrey R. Holland 
Missionary work is awesome...I'm telling ya. It's crazy and tiring and addicting. 
Until next week... Me shume dashuri - Your Motra


"We took some selfies...."

"and we took some more...I'm a little crazy....
crazy for MISSIONARY WORK! ;)"

 "This is Diti :)  She makes me so happy.  Her personality is one of a kind haha
and I love her so much.  Unfortunately she leaves for  America this week for a month.  So I
probably won't be able to meet with her too much longer :/  We're going to give her
information to the missionaries in Pennsylvania though, so they can take good care of her:)"

"Take a good look at the worlds most flavorless cookies that were an EPIC fail on my part haha. 
Let me explain a companion was having a hard day and I wanted to make her cookies to make her
happy so I started making chocolate chip oatmeal cookies but guess what tiny unimportant ingredient I left out??
THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS.  hahaha I decided to cook them anyways.  Whatchagonedo?"

"I had to do a cliché trainer/trainee pic;)"

"Some ADORABLE little kids we saw yesterday <3 and a little note that a recent convert in Elbasan
left in my planner <3 love all around with these people."


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