Albania ♥

Albania ♥

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Season of Love ♥

I guess since it's Valentines day, I'll be a little cliche and cheesy and talk about LOVE, but a different kind of love. Charity. Now, charity is something better than just simply love and by Bible dictionary definition it is "the highest, noblest, strongest, kind of love, not merely affection". 
     I didn't really understand what Charity was before my mission. I guess that is because I didn't serve people like I should have and I didn't give of myself to anything but my phone and sleep. haha  I also can't say I'm the most charitable person now. I have such a long way to go, but I can say that I have felt that charity love while being here. I have felt it for the people I work around and with. I have felt it for my investigators, and  I have even felt it for complete strangers I meet and talk to on the road. It's something very special and I believe its what makes the mission so amazing and worth while and on the other hand so hard.  Because when you have charity for someone it means you are willing to give of yourself and you "come to feel a sincere concern for the eternal welfare and happiness for other people". 
     It is kind of amazing how fast you can develop such strong love for the people here and how fast you can develop a desire to help them and serve them and do anything you can to help them be happy. Its actually kind of hard to explain the love I have for the people here in Albania and Kosovo. All I can really say is that I love them. I love the people I have met on my mission and I would do anything for them. Missionaries, friends, and members. They have changed me for the better.  Charity is something special. Its different. ♥♥

"This was left in my mailbox for me by my mother/trainer Sister Bezas who finished her mission this past week.  I cannot thank her enough for all she has taught me and for the help that she has been to me my whole mission.  Go get em Bezas, I love you. ♥"

"My kind of baking..the kind where it is impossible to burn the
cookies #nobakes haha"

"Made some no-bake cookies for Valentines day.
(It's what us missionaries do to celebrate. ;)"

"Happy Valentines day.  Spreading His love around the world.
The best way to spend Valentines day if you ask me :)"

"Huge love for these two!"

"Sister Fuller came to Prishtina and gave me a rose on Singles Day.
(Day after Valentines day, it's a real thing haha."

"Yummy Thai food with my Sister Training Leaders ♥"

"How many missionaries can you fit in an elevator?"

"The ride up was a little less crowded haha"

"At the top of the Catholic Cathedral...
I guess you could say it was a little windy ;)"

"Beautiful Kosovo..from up high!"

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