Albania ♥

Albania ♥

Friday, February 5, 2016

Believe It - 2/1/2016

  This week started off great from the get go.  We traveled to Tirana this week for mission conference and it was seriously one of the most spiritually uplifting meetings EVER.  We were taught by Elder Patrick Kearon (of the Seventy) who is the Area President of the missions in Europe.  HE was seriously one of the greatest people ever and he taught by the spirit at every moment and in a way that was comfortable and relate able to everyone.  Questions I had about life and my mission were answered specifically in the way I needed.  Every second of the multiple hour conference I was hooked by his teachings and hooked on the spirit I felt.  He is a man of God and one of my favorite speakers.
     The week continued to be a week of miracles in ways we had never expected.  One of our friends (we use friend instead of investigators, because it's just better) is getting baptized soon. We have seen blessings pour into her life since the moment we met her.  Her husband (once skeptical on the whole idea of baptism)  has now been reading the Book of Mormon with her and encouraging her to learn more so one day she can teach their children.  TALK ABOUT CHANGE OF HEART.  The blessings I can see in the lives of others as they begin doing the right things and coming closer to their Heavenly Father is truly amazing.  Who doesn't want that? I know I couldn't live without the blessings I have received from being a member of this church.
     Yesterday I had a pretty cool experience as we were on our way to go tracting. As we were walking, I saw a really unique building.  I thought it looked familiar and as we walked past it, I realized why.  I had seen it in a dream.  A long time ago, before I even decided to serve a mission.  There was a lady standing outside that waved hello as we passed, but I couldn't deny the feeling that I needed to talk to her.  I told my companion and we turned around and went back.  She was a super sweet lady with a big smile. She talked to us about her struggles and we asked if we could share something with her that would help.  Unfortunately, she wasn't super interested but we gave her our number and when we left I felt content that that was what we were supposed to do.  I'm not sure why I needed to be there or whats going to happen in the future with her, but I know Heavenly Father needed me there and I was thankful that he was able to use me as a way to help.
      The greatest part of missionary work, or I guess the most rewarding for me is being able to know that I helped someone and made their day a  little brighter and brought them closer to their savior.  I can have a rough, tiring week and Satan can try his hardest to get me down, but when someone tells me I simply helped them see the light or that sharing my testimony strengthened theirs, that's what I live for.  That is why I am a missionary and I will/would do anything to feel that happiness all my life.  Its a different kind of happiness, but its stronger than anything else. I LOVE IT.

"Sad day saying goodbye to one of my favorite people EVER.  Thank you
for being my saving grace Sister Bezas.  Thank you for everything.
Te due moj"

"Mission conference this week.  My sisters ♥ We've come so far."

"This cracked me up so I had to take a picture haha"

"Took this picture for Elder Hydrick.  He makes fun of me and Sister Lakaj because
we have to get the chair if we want to reach anything. #shortprobs"



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