Albania ♥

Albania ♥

Monday, April 6, 2015

"Easter celfie!"

"Cool places in Tirana"

Ahhhh I have so much to say! haha My new companion, Motra White and I had a crazy awesome/busy week. We were always going and going and we witnessed so many miracles because of it. First of all one of our first nights together we couldn't seem to get any lessons in at night. Because of our crazy schedules and other things we had to do at the mission office, we ended up doing a TON of street contacting. It was getting late and almost time for us to head back to our apartment. We only had a couple minutes left until we had to go inside. We were both so tired and ready haha but we stayed out of course. Some guys came up and were talking to us and not being very receptive of our message but we testified anyways. They walked away and then the second they did, a young boy about 13 came up to us with his mother and asked us if he could meet with us sometime and learn more about the life of Jesus. WE SAID YES OF COURSE and got his number and now we are meeting him tonight. I'm so glad we stayed out the last couple of minutes to witness that miracle. I have a lot of faith that it will work out and even if it doesn't , I know that God was at least showing us that He saw our efforts. Another awesome miracle we witnessed was yesterday during Easter. Holidays and Sundays are the best days to do tracting and find families at home so Motra White and I decided to go tracting and share an Easter video with people.. I'm sure you have all seen it by now. Its called "Because He Lives", and if you haven't seen it, I would advise you to do so because it's beautiful! Anyways, so as we were doing this we came across this man who opened the door. We asked if we could show him an Easter video and share a small message with him and his family. He told us he had to ask his wife (smart man haha) and get her permission. He came back and told us to come in and when we walked in his wife had THE BIGGEST smile on her face. We shared the video which brings the spirit so well and we testified a lot about the atonement and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The dad was super nice but said he's not a believer but we asked the wife and she said she is a HUGE believer, especially now. She went on to tell us that her and her family were driving earlier that day and it was raining and they almost got in a car accident but she prayed to God that he would save them and he did and then the same night we show up at her door. She said it was a miracle! That's why she had such a big smile on her face the second we walked in! She wants us to meet with her again this week so we planned another day and we are super excited to teach her more about Heavenly Father's love for her. Heavenly Father lead us to her house at exactly the right time and I'm sure of it. It wasn't a coincidence that she had that experience the same day that we decided to visit her house and knock on her door. I'm 100% sure that Heavenly Father was preparing her and I'm so lucky that he trusted me and Motra White enough to be the ones to teach her. Another awesome thing that I got to do this week was going on splits with the new sisters that just came into our mission. THEY ARE ALL SO AWESOME! I was super nervous at first, to be honest, because when we take them out it's their first experience of real missionary life. SO AWESOME:) But when we took them out they were so sweet and excited to be a missionary and I had a little flashback to when I had just came into the country and I realized how far I have actually come. I was having conversations with Albanians on the streets and was able to do a whole lesson. I am so excited to serve with these awesome sisters and I know that they have been called here for a reason and we are SO BLESSED to have them here. OK, one more awesome thing (sorry, there was so much that happened this week haha) We had an Easter activity with our ward and we invited all of our investigators and a ton of people. Ernesta (one of our investigators) asked if she could bring a couple of friends and of course we were super excited (thinking she would bring one or two) but SHE BROUGHT 5! We were so happy and so excited that she wanted to bring them and they seemed to have so much fun with the rest of the ward and one even said she wanted to come to church. Ok... i lied...I have one more awesome thing haha There is this recent convert that we have been trying to meet with for the past 3 months and she wouldn't meet with us. We went to her house this week and she still didn't seem to want to talk, but the night before the Easter activity I just decided to text her and at least invite her and put forth the effort even if she didn't seem interested and guess who showed up?? SHE DID and she was so happy and hung out with the ward and wanted to take pictures with us and then she came to church for the first time in three months!!! As I have been typing up this message I have realized even more how blessed we were this week. Wow, Heavenly Father is so amazing. I know that this email was kind of all over the place and not well written due to lack of time, but I hope you were able to get the jist of the amazing miracles I have witnessed this week and read how much Heavenly Father loves his children. Every. Single. One. of them. I know he loves me too and I have felt his love especially this week. I hope you all have too and if not, I encourage you to reflect back on your week because I promise you will be able to see Gods hand in your life everyday, because he is there and HE CARES. Have a good week. I love you. I pray for you. Me dashuri, your friend and Motra
"This was at the Easter activity with my ward. :)  It was so fun!!"


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