Albania ♥

Albania ♥

Monday, April 27, 2015

I love serving here in Tirana... I love my mission and I love the people I get to meet. I love the miracles I see daily and the experiences I get to have here while serving.  I wouldn't trade my
time here for anything else.

This week, like all the others was full of miracles, but I'm going to talk about one in particular which haschanged my life.

It starts with an investigator that I am really close to.  She was one of my very first investigators and teaching her has changed me.  From the first day I met her, I felt like I was supposed to teach her. I felt that she was very very special and she needed my..or more importantly, Heavenly Fathers help. I have been teaching her since my first weeks here in Albania and teaching her has been a wildride. We've cried together, laughed together, and felt the spirit together. She found us missionaries when she was pretty lost and wanted to gain a relationship with God like she once had. Luckily,
we had all the answers of how she could do that and she has been learning ever since. She had a baptismal date that had to get pushed back. There has been struggles while teaching and times I thought she might not even want to keep meeting. With lots of prayers for this girl and lots of faith she was touched by the spirit and we were able to set another date of baptism for May 2nd (next week).  Everyone tells you that once someone has a baptismal date Satan is going to try VERYhard to make sure that they are not ready by that time or maybe even ever. That is so true. We had a very important lesson coming up this week on Wednesday so Sister White and I decided to do a fast before her lesson, during, and until the next day. We were sure the lesson was going to go perfectly... and it didn't. Or so we thought it didn't... We talked about the qualifications for baptism and she was still having trouble with a couple different things that she said she wasn't going to be able to change. We testified throughout that whole lesson about the blessings she would receive, the help she would get, and the importance of baptism and she was still stuck on them. We invited her to pray and ponder what she really wanted in life and then she left...At that moment I felt as though there was no reason to keep fasting because she wasn't going to change her mind. There was no way I thought. The next day an hour before we broke our fast, we received a call from her... I answered and she said
"Hi Sister Cheshire... so I have been thinking about what you were talking about yesterday and
what I really want, and I prayed just like you said to do and I know that this is what I need to do. I will change the things I need to so that I can be baptized next week"  I was actually speechless.. I sat
there for a couple seconds in silence and finally found the words to respond. We rescheduled her baptismal interview for that next day and SHE PASSED and is getting baptized next week on May 2nd. (funny side note: we had to teach priesthood again because she asked if I could
baptize her haha  Although I felt very privileged, I'm just giving a talk at the baptism instead)   The person I met that first week here in Albania is not the same person I know and love today. Although, shes the same little fire cracker shes always been, shes now closer to Heavenly Father. It really truly was a miracle and Ill never deny that. I have a testimony that Heavenly Father is mindful of all of His children. He is Almighty and powerful above everything else and He CAN perform miracles. He knows best. We don't always understand why things happen, but that's just because we don't see the whole picture like he does.

I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week. Thank you for your support and your kind words. Me SHUME Dashuri, - Motra Cesher

"My new favorite shirt :) The two places that own my heart♥"

"Albanian fried chicken...hahaha"

"hahaha we found this crazy man with an ax who told us he would take us to some cool
places so we hiked up a mountain and when we got to the top, he chopped down the tree and
told us to take a picture with it.  It was hilarious!!  I guess you had to be there but...

"The beautiful Tirana ♥"

"Exploring some tunnels today :) call me Dora the Explorer!"

"Found some turtles on our adventure :)"

"More of the beautiful Tirana♥"

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